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someone's a babe. (heart eyes)

noooo!!! Quit it…STOP IT!!!

….ok keep going. <33

  • moldiegoldies:

    everyones orders are cut out, ready to serge

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  • The Donnas - Revolver
  • "You got one foot in your mouth and one foot in the grave."
  • 76-ironhead:

    Another elk antler knife done with customer’s name etched and acid wash finish on the blade. Also has copper accents

  • ladystilts:

    It’s all mine! Talk about a van upgrade!

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  • motorpoolstudio:

    This is Brad and Libby’s Dodge, it’s got a 225 that’s been rebuilt and hopped up a little. The crazy thing is that this van, though a survivor, has a new interior that Brad and Libby put together using old van mags as inspiration. The door card vinyl pattern is old, but that’s it. That sweet headliner came out of an Econoline in the junkyard - and Brad painted every button! That mushroom window is new and look at what they did with that interior!!! Holy crap that’s awesome.

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  • nathansummers:

    Always reblog

    Holy fuck.

    I just let out a cackle at work.

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  • No wonder I turned out the way I did

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